NYC and the French: the everlasting obsession never ending

The French Consulate of New York likes to say that it is well situated: on 5th Avenue, a 5-10 minute walk from the MET Museum of Art and on the other side of the road from Central Park. To make all things French grander, the Cultural Services of the Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French government opened up Albertine Books in September 2014, within their locals, which also host French and Francophone personalities as well as several high-end events year-round.

As all well-informed French citizens living in NYC-Tri-State area know, the community is gigantic. Is this since the 1980’s and before? Probably not… but in recent years, with reasons ranging from the setting up headquarters in New Jersey by several French companies (pharmaceutical and food) to the pure thrill of seeking adventure in what many dub the most diverse and one of the best cities in the U.S, that same community has become more than gigantic. On the menu recently: French dual language programs, several French schools in New Jersey, including one on the outskirts of New Milford, Albertine (of course!), the Bastille Day street fair organized by FIAF, a branch of the French Institute and the restaurants, bakeries and food adresses (for a preview, try an old favorite La Bonne Soupe located in Manhattan).

It is a strong coincidence that the “hip” transformation of Brooklyn happens at around the same occasion. Doesn’t deter anyone from saying that the French have made it their home, even less from saying that New York City continues to be a magnet for the French, expats or not.

Read this fabulous following read, discovered and published on, written by a certain Matthew Kassel. A delectable article, detailing all the minutes elements: individuals, styles, streets, neighborhoods, restaurants and stores.

The French Are Storming Brooklyn

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