A little Snoopy to brighten your day

Who’s not a fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang? Being a cat lover, it’s not often I’m moved to pieces by a dog… but Snoopy is one hilarious one-man show! Now I’m sure news of the upcoming animated feature has reached thousands. Why not take a look for yourself? After 65 years of comic strips and television shows (and films), Charles M. Schulz’s beloved characters come on the big screen to entertain the world the same Garfield had done several years ago, except in a vey different way…

What new adventure will Snoopy go on? Has Charlie Brown figured his “luck” and “optimism” out? Does Lucy still hold her infamous “penny for your thoughts” psychology stand? Here’s a preview taken from youtube in the meantime while November 6 arrives: 

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